Serve Over Counter

Make a big impact with the Maxime serveover counter from Frilixa. With a super deep 707mm deck you can create a mouth watering display of the finest foods you have to offer. The unit keeps all your product at the required temperature using low volume fans to achieve even cooling over the whole deck without drying out the product on display. Generous refrigerated understorage gives you extra capacity for when your shop or deli gets really busy. Rear sliding doors to the deck come as standard and the front curved glass hinges forwards for easy cleaning. You have a choice of grey, red or blue trim to the front of the unit. A 90 degree corner is also available and units can be multiplexed together (factory option) to create long runs.



Sandwich Heaven Display Chiller
Wem Baker Display Chiller


Our client was opening another outlet and was looking to replicate that of their first shop.

They were looking for a energy efficient serve over counter with refrigerated under storage and curved glass.

We chose a Maxime 200 C serve over as this met all the requirements and has the unique feature of a low velocity fan cooled refrigeration system that makes the cabinet not only energy efficient but is designed to prevent delicate food products such as sandwiches from drying out!

The product detailed on this page is one of a vast range offering different sizes, colours and specification. For more details please contact us.
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Maxime Serve Over