Ice Machine

ice machines create ice in various different shapes and sizes, from the traditional clear cubed ice to clear ball ice. The units come with a stainless steel exterior with a galvanised rear, this creates ease when cleaning. Adjustable feet mean you the customer can adjust the height of the ice machine to suit your needs. ice machines are fully automatic, meaning the production of ice is constant.



Pist wine bar hoshizaki

Piste Wine Bar Ice Machine Installation

Our client was constantly running out of ice from the two previously supplied ice machines.

As they had introduced a cocktail menu their ice demand had grown to over 50kg per day!

We supplied a Hoshizaki Ice Machine which produces 230kg per 24hours and a storage of 130kg.

The product detailed on this page is one of a vast range offering different sizes, colours and specification. For more details please contact us.
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fbed59983b_IM-240NE_WNE Specification sheet