Counter Top Display Freezer

Versatile glass door chest freezers. The UF-G and UF-GCP ranges are widely accepted as the best on the market. Popular with many ice cream manufacturers as is has a small footprint and is ideal for capturing impulse sales. Often used for large and small ice cream tubs as well as other frozen food. Door can be left or right hand hinged, a lock in fitted and the unit comes with a switchable light and adjustable shelves as standard. An excellent all round unit.



Harry Ramsden's Display Fridge

Harry Ramsdens Counter Top Display Freezer

Our brief was to supply a counter top freezer for the display of the Ice Cream as part of a new menu for the Harry Ramsden food chain.

We supplied over 60 cabinets nationwide.

The cabinets needed to operate at minus 20c for the storage of Ice Cream products. They needed to have lockable glass doors and have an illuminated canopy so the client could brand the cabinets with their own logo.

The product detailed on this page is one of a vast range offering different sizes, colours and specification. For more details please contact us.
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