Cold Room

Where you need large capacity for chilled or frozen storage Interlevin coldrooms offer a wide selection of modular rooms to meet your needs. All rooms have stainless steel floors and heated door frames as standard and come with an integrated 4 tier shelving system.



White Lion Cold Room

White Lion Cold Room Install

Our client was looking to install a cold room in their commercial kitchen for the storage of chilled foods.

We had a recess that we had to install the cold room into therefore no encroaching on the working area of the kitchen.

We installed an Interleven PC3018 cold room which fitted the recess with just 100mm to spare (which would allow the cold room to breathe)

The cold room comes from the factory in kit and can be installed in around 4 hours.

The kit comes complete with refrigeration equipment and shelving.

The product detailed on this page is one of a vast range offering different sizes, colours and specification. For more details please contact us.
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