Hi Wall system

Hi Wall Systems are a very common choice, the unit has an enhanced and slim line flat panel design which creates a very low sound level, not only quick and easy to install the systems come with a simple to use controller which has an extra large display.



St Lukes Outdoor RAS
St Lukes Indoor


The brief for this job was to install predominantly heating for an store room that was being turned into an office in the admin dept of a Hospice in Winsford.

The problem that was identified was that the room had two very large sky-lights that would allow sun light to penetrate the area and its occupants in the summer months.

We have to increase the size of the system capacity to compensate for the additional heat gain which had been overlooked by the client.

The system duty in Kw’s detailed on this page is one of a vast range offered by us. For more details or to arrange a free no obligation site survey please contact us.

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CDL Toshiba Single sheet RAS Avant 107SKV-E6-107SAV-E6