Compact Cassette System

The Compact Cassette Unit is one of the best sellers in the air conditioning range at Nantwich Refrigeration Services. Out of sight this unit is a very common choice for offices and other commercial buildings. This system fits in a standard 600 x 600 mm ceiling grid and comes with a built in condensate lift pump, the draught prevention and slim functions of this system make this unit ideal for a large number of applications.



Butters John bee - Indoor RAV
Butters John Bee Outdoor RAV

Butters John Bee Air Conditioning Installation

Our brief was to create the correct level of comfort for both clients and staff alike in a busy estates agents in Sandbach.

The client has high level displays on all walls and therefore we were unable to install a standard wall mounted system. They also wanted no change to the aesthetics of the ceiling tiles. We therefore were able to install a dual compact cassette system giving full coverage of the area and have no effect on the aesthetics of the ceiling tiles.

The system duty in Kw’s detailed on this page is one of a vast range offered by us. For more details or to arrange a free no obligation site survey please contact us.
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CDL Toshiba Single sheet RAV-SM564MUT-E