Catering Air Conditioning

The PCA-RP-HAQ series is a ceiling suspended unit ideal for use in kitchen environments. The external casing is made of durable stainless steel that is resistant to oil and smoke, ensuring that the unit can easily be cleaned at all times.

The wide range of power inverters offer customers high seasonal efficiency, advanced control options and quiet operation. Specialised filters mean the unit won’t become jammed with common kitchen oils and food waste ensuring the system is always running at its best.



Dagfields Ventilation system
Dagfields Ventilation Fan Outdoors


We were approached by a client who had been using our service department for many years to service a standard wall mounted Air conditioning system that had been provided to cool a commercial kitchen. This system was constantly getting clogged up with grease and therefore we recommended that it be replaced with a commercial catering Air Conditioning system that had special removable filters designed to operate in a hot commercial kitchen.

As a result of the installation the client not only noticed a hugh drop in temperature (making their staff happy) but also the fact that they could clean the filters themselves and reduce their ongoing maintenance costs!

The system duty in Kw’s detailed on this page is one of a vast range offered by us. For more details or to arrange a free no obligation site survey please contact us.
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