Bi Flow Wall System

The Bi Flow system is a great choice for all types of space, they are a common choice for rooms such as conservatories which don’t have space for hi wall units. The system is fitted with two air outlets for flow intensity and comes with a unique floor heating function. Fitting comfortably under any standard size window sill this system is discrete and a tidy option.



JR Boone - BI flow Install
JR Boone Outdoor Install

JR Boone Toshiba Bi Flow Installation

Our brief was to work with a prestigious design and build company, who were renovating a number of offices for an industrial manufacturing company in Congleton.

The client has numerous offices which they wanted to retain “clear walls”

They had no ceiling void and so we were left with the only option available which was to offer floor mounted air conditioning in the form of the Toshiba Bi-Flow system.

The client was delighted to be able to have air conditioning installed and it be kept out of sight.

The system duty in Kw’s detailed on this page is one of a vast range offered by us. For more details or to arrange a free no obligation site survey please contact us.
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CDL Toshiba Single sheet RAS-B13UFV-E-RAS-13N3AV2-E mkii