4 Way Cassette System

The 4 Way Cassette System is one of the best options for larger spaces such as offices. The unit offers individual louver positions to suit the customer, a self cleaning function keeping the unit more hygienic when being used, and the option for a wired remote. The wired remote means settings can be added for the unit to automatically turn on and off at times of your choice.



ABC Packaging Outdoor RAV
ABC Packaging Indoor RAV


We were approached by a growing company who were moving the business from its current premises in Stafford to a newer building in Alsager.

The problem with the new building was that the frontage was mainly glass. Although this gave a good first impression of the building it formed no insulation barrier to the cold or the heat.

We were instructed to install Air Conditioning to combat the problem.

We installed a Toshiba RAV SM 804 UTE 8Kw Cassette system. This was because the majority of the building was open plan and a cassette system with its four way discharge gave the best coverage.

The system duty in Kw’s detailed on this page is one of a vast range offered by us. For more details or to arrange a free no obligation site survey please contact us.
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CDL Toshiba Single sheet RAV-SM804UT-E