Bespoke Cellar Cooling

The JCC cellar cooler range provides a cost effective and reliable solution designed to maintain temperatures required for beer and wine cellars. The ability of electronic control down to 4°C also prolongs the life of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items requiring a temperature controlled environment.
The indoor units utilise brewery specification 6 fins per inch evaporator coils and are manufactured in powder coated mild
steel for ease of cleaning. Units can be wall or ceiling mounted
 to maximise space, without the use of additional brackets.



Crewe Alex FC - Bespoke Cellar Cooling
Crewe Alex FC - Bespoke Cellar Cooling Outdoor unit


Our brief was to provide cellar cooling for a over-sized cellar.

We first first instructed our client to reduce the room high from the existing 4.5m high to a more acceptable 2.7m. As a result this would prevent the cellar cooling system from trying to cool the “dead area” above the 2.7m height used.

After the ceiling height was reduced we were able to select a system some 4 sizes smaller in capacity, resulting in massive running cost savings!

The cellar cooling was to replace a system that had been operating (with the high wasted ceiling space) for 10 years.

We chose a Thermofrost Cryo system to allow for the large volume of area to be cooled and the 50m pipe run for the refrigeration pipe work.