Bespoke Air Conditioning

Nantwich Refrigeration Services is an accredited Toshiba Air Conditioning Installer with all engineers having undergone specialised training. The accreditation means we can offer 6 year fully inclusive warranty on all installs.

We also supply Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin and LG Air Conditioning.



Bespoke Toshiba air conditioning multiple unit
Chester Bespoke Toshiba Air Cont Multiple Unit


This project was a challenge!

Our client was opening a frozen food centre with over 40 refrigerated cabinets, all generating heat.

Our brief was to combat this heat and provide a comfortable environment for staff and customers alike.

We had to install four cassette indoor units to give the correct air distribution and full coverage of the retail area. These were backed up by two 28Kw condensing units operating on 3 phase electricity.

The refrigeration pipe run was some 40 metres and so careful consideration was given to the route the pipe work took and to allow for refrigerant pressure drop when selecting the equipment.

We installed two systems of 28Kw under budget and completed within 5 working days.